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Dog daycare is a place of fun, and shouldn’t be a place where your dog predicts stress. Often, I hear of pets hurting others during daycare, stress causing behavioral concerns, and preventable medical problems in abundance.

Dog Canine Academy should feel like home. By offering small groups, professional service from accredited dog trainers, and a commitment to transparency, this is a place of community and comfort for all the pets in our care. We service the “best of the best” pet parents too, and we feel you’ll find community and new friends here with social events, and weekend dog events, group classes, and programs.

Daycare VS Canine Academy


  • Drop your dog off and pick up as you please


  • Typically 20 - 30 dogs are in a room at once with one employee supervising. We feel as though this is dangerous because fights will happen in a room that crowded. 


  • Dogs get very little downtime. They get to run and play all day, which will create a dog who does not know how to calm down. 


  • Known to cause dogs to become reactive or aggressive towards other dogs due to other daycare dogs bullying them.


  • Dogs come home "tired", but in reality, they are stressed out and their sugar is crashing which is what makes them sleep for the rest of the night.


  • Facilities can usually hold up to 50 or more dogs which causes a stressful environment. 


Canine Academy

  • Set times for drop off and pick up

  • This is not a come-as-you-please facility. We have a limit on how many dogs we can take per day. 

  • Dogs get training tailored to their specific needs


  • Dogs get to play with 1-3 dogs at once, with 1 trainer per dog in the room. The dogs have set play pals so they can play with another dog that matches their play style. This ensures that a timid dog isn't being egged on by a more confident dog. 


  • The dogs have scheduled downtime to teach them how to settle.

  • Dogs go home tired because of the physical and mental stimulation they received throughout the day. 

Our Committment

We are committed to the best care

We do have some strict policies regarding our Canine Academy program for our new members as well as regular members, this is for the safety of everyone involved.

Canine Academy

$45 a day

Dogs can be scheduled to come once, twice, or even three times a week! We do not recommend any more than 3 days a week as your dog deserves a break from all the learning they've been doing. 

  • ​At this time, we do not give discounts to multi-dog households or for attending the Academy multiple days a week. 

  • You must buy a minimum of 3 days a month to be qualified for the regular $45. If you want 2 days or less, please see the drop-in description. 

Drop ins


Did your evaluation go well? Drop-ins are scheduled after the evaluation to see how your dog will do during the day. If your dog does great, we can chat about getting him/her set up for the month. 

Sometimes you may need a daycation and can't bring Fido, or maybe your pup just needs some extra learning. Whatever the reason is, you can drop Fido off for a day of learning. 


    Please Note: We take a limited number of dogs per day, so please understand that we may not always be able to get your pup in for a drop-in session. 


    Your dog will still have to have gone through 1 evaluation in order to do drop-in. 

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